World's biggest date palm festival in Saudi Arabia

World's biggest date palm festival in Saudi Arabia

Abdullah A.


Each year in the month of September dates farmers and vendors gather for the biggest date palm festival in Buraidah a city in Qassim region in the middle of Saudi Arabia hoping to target high date sales figures during the 90-day festival.

Saudi Arabia has the highest number of palm trees in the world with more than 23 million accounting for 20 percent of world production. There are more than 6 million date palms in Qassim province alone.

The festival is a great opportunity to source products to be used for dates derivatives such as date syrup, date paste and date gifts boxes to be used for all occasion throughout the year.

 Sukkary date is the most popular variety of dates being sold in the festival, accounting for 80 percent of total dates for sale. Good quality white and red Sukkary dates are sold from SR 50 per box. The prices will go up to SR 270, based on quality. Other types of dates include Hashishi, Aseela, Rothana and Al-Khalas.

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