We want to make sure have a wonderful experience at fodakty.  So please make sure you fully read our frequently asked questions (FAQ) before you place your order, if you still have a question you can still reach us our Contact Us form.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we currently offer free shipping in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for orders above 100 Dirhams

How long does it take to receive an order?

Since our products have dates in them, we make our products to order to guarantee freshness.  It typically takes 48 hours for the Fodakty Elegance line and 5 days for other products. 

Where do we ship to?

We currently offer free shipping in the UAE , we are able to ship to any country in the world but we would have to charge for international shipping.  Please send us a request via our contact form regarding the shipping rate and we'll get back to you regarding the amount.

What is our return policy?

100% satisfaction guaranteed, if you don't like our product, return it for a full refund.  Unfortunately we can't cover the shipping charges to return the product.

Do we sell to businesses (B2B)?

Yes we do, we have a team that handles B2B relationships, we have special pricing for them, please reach out to us via the contact form to explore your needs further, Contact Us form.

Do we offer discounts?

yes we offer bulk discount on our gift boxes, the discounts apply automatically and are based on the pricing below 

0 - 999 AED -> pricing on site.
1,000 AED - 2,999 AED -> 5% discount.
3,000 AED -9,999 AED -> 10% discount.
10,000AED and 14,999 AED -> 15% discount
15,000AED and beyond -> 20% discount

Do we offer branding on our gift boxes?

Yes we do, we offer two types of branding, one is ribbon branding for an addional 4 AED per item,  and the other branding type is one color logo on the boxes for 7 AED per item .  Please make sure you add the branding items to you shopping card and order it.  you can also find the items below:

Ribbon branding product - 7 AED

LOGO branding product  - 4 AED

Why do we call your clients to confirm their order?

We are always striving to make sure our customers have the best shopping experience at fodakty.com, so we call to make sure the order is exactly what was ordered, verify the shipping address, capture any special requests, make sure the payment method is correct, basically to make sure our customers gets their product in the most pleasant fashion. 

What payment methods do you accept at the moment?

We accept credit card and COD, but we charge 12 Dirhams COD fee.   So if you use your credit card you same and make it easy for us also :) 

Can I cancel my orders once they are placed on fodakty?

Yes, you can cancel your order at any time. 

If I have dates and date gift boxes  products can I sell them on your site?

Yes, we are always looking to add more vendors of palm date fruit, best way to get a hold of us is via our Contact Us form.