Dhs. 105.00

Limited edition collection embracing the flavours of Dubai with mixed savoury plain dates and gourmet fillings in custom luxury date gift boxes.

Gift Box specifications: 
Dimensions: 23.5cm*13.5cm*5cm
Estimated Weight Of Dates 500 grams 
Pieces per box 25 dates 

The dates content of the box comes in different varieties of dates, including plain Sukkary ( Sukkari ) plain Sagai, Plain Khurdi (Khudry ), plain Khalas, and Madjool (Majdool or Maghool).  

The dates also come filled with a variety of premium fillings.  Including Khalas with Peeled Almonds, Khuri With Ginger Peel, Khudri With Orange Peel, Mixed Filled Dates, Mixed Plain Dates, and Sagai with pistachios.