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Product: Paste
This product is Khalas date paste from date palm fruit grown in the Liwa region in United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Product weight: 1kg
Nutritional ingredients: please see images
This product is free from artificial additives & genetically modified materials
Type: Khalas

Khalas date palm fruits are the most common type of premium dates you will find in Arabia.  Khalas dates are usually packaged in vacuumed containers and are consumed after the dates have produced their natural molasses in their containers they are stored in.

You most certainly will find Khalas dates in every social gathering in the GCC, particularly in Saudi Arabia (KSA) and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The word Khalas comes from the Arabic word essence because of the way it is served and packaged, wet and surrounded by its delicious molasses.

Almost every country in the GCC prides itself in producing the best quality Khalas dates, so you see this premium product in KSA and in the UAE

The type of this date palm fruit is sometimes spelled Khalasah or khlas.  What makes Khalas dates so desirable is that their sweetness level is right in the the middle among other date palm fruit types.

Vendor: Liwa Dates Company
Liwa Dates Company is based in Liwa, a city in the western region of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that is famous of the high quality date palm fruit it produces.  Liwa Dates Company specializes in growing the finest and best quality date palm fruit in the UAE, mainly the khalas, Lulu, Shishi and Fard date palm fruit types.  Their facility in Liwa is built with the most modern machinery to guarantee the best tasting dates products in the market.
Liwa Dates has expanded its production to date palm fruit derivatives including dates jams, achar, date pickles, date syrup and date paste.  The company also specializes in making elaborate date palm fruit gifts and gift baskets in different packages and settings.
Liwa Dates Company was founded by Mr. Mohammed Suhail AlMazrouei, one of UAE’s leading experts in the Date Palm fruit industry in the UAE and his vision continues to expand with the different date palm fruit products his company is innovating